Our modern and stylish studio features three sunbeds, built with the latest in innovative tanning technology and design. This combination ensures you have the optimal tanning experience in a clean, relaxing environment.

Our Mission Statement

When we came up with the concept of our iSunn Tanning Salon, we created a Mission Statement that differentiates us, highlights our aims and values, and ensures we provide you with the best experience and tanning result possible.

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News, Tips and Offers from iSunn Tanning Salon

New Sunbed Tubes at iSunn Tanning Salon

At iSunn Tanning Salon, located in Portishead, we're dedicated to delivering an exceptional tanning experience for all our customers. Our salon is equipped with four state-of-the-art sunbeds for a superior bronzing experience. Each is fitted with high-quality tubes...

Get Summer Ready at iSunn Tanning Salon in Portishead

Get Summer Ready at iSunn in Portishead. Our salon is your destination for achieving that enviable sun-kissed radiance. ☀️ Bask in the glow of our advanced tanning solutions, guided by our expert team.Our salon boasts the latest tanning technology, ensuring a...

Top Tips for Tanning

Why Use a Sunbed This Winter?

It feels like winter has arrived, with shorter days, colder weather, and less sunshine. You may be feeling the effects of this on your mood, skin, and overall health. Sunbeds are not only a great way to get a beautiful tan, but they also have many benefits for your...

Tanning Creams Explained

If you are looking for a way to enhance your tan and get a deeper, darker and longer-lasting colour, you might want to consider using a tanning cream. Tanning creams are products that you apply on your skin before or after using a sunbed or sunbathing. They can help...

Top Tips for Safe Sunbed Tanning

Indoor tanning, using sunbeds, is a sensible way to regulate how much time you spend exposed to UV rays, minimising the risk of sunburn whilst maximising the enjoyment and benefits of having a suntan. The iSunn Tanning Salon team in Portishead have put together some...

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