At iSunn Tanning Salon, located in Portishead, we’re dedicated to delivering an exceptional tanning experience for all our customers.

Our salon is equipped with four state-of-the-art sunbeds for a superior bronzing experience. Each is fitted with high-quality tubes designed to last for 1,000 hours. However, in our commitment to your flawless tan, we’ve preemptively replaced them to maintain peak performance and results.

The new Cosmedico 10K100 lamps, identical to our previous ones, enhance the tanning effect by 10% compared to standard lamps. Additionally, every fourth tube is a special Rubino Tube, which amplifies UV compatibility and comfort during use, while boosting direct pigmentation by as much as 50%.

When we came up with the concept of our iSunn Tanning Salon, we created a Mission Statement that differentiates us, highlights our aims and values, and ensures we provide you with the best experience and tanning result possible.

Come in and visit us and see the results for yourself.