Billion Dollar Smile UV Sunbed Teeth Whitening Kit

UV activated gel pen and mouth guard

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1 pack

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Teeth Whitening Kit for sunbed use – up to 10 applications

1 x Billion Dollar Smile non peroxide teeth whitening gel pen UV LIGHT ACTIVATED
1 x Soft Silicone Mouth Guard

The non peroxide gel pen and soft silicone mouth guard makes application easy and comfortable. Accelerated by UV light the products gently and painlessly lift stains and whiten teeth during a sunbed tanning session. Simply paint the UV light accelerated gel onto your teeth…insert the soft mouth guard and whiten your teeth while you tan!

  • Safe
  • Achieves fantastic results
  • Kind to tooth enamel
  • Non peroxide
  • No sensitivity
  • No risk of burning gums
  • Clinically tested
  • highest quality ingredients

Instructions: Twist the bottom of teeth whitening pen until gel appears. Apply a thin layer of gel to the inside of the mouth guard. Insert the mouth guard and press it gently to your
teeth before tanning session. Rinse your mouth with water after use. Do not eat/drink for 1 hour after use. For best results use up to 3 times a week

*Read full instructions on packet before use**


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